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New MDFR Forum Is Now Up and Running

To join, go to http://dadecountyfirefightersforum.com/ , click on New Users and complete the very brief registration. Only MDFR and Fire Alarm Office active and retired personnel will be allowed access this site.

Approval usually takes less than one day. Most of you are aware that before there was ever a Facebook there was a Forum created by our own Lt. David Arthur and designed as a secure way for MDFR active and retired personnel to communicate on a variety of topics. With the advent of Facebook, that offered more features, and some technical problems on the Forum (most due to the untimely passing of David) the Forum was not reaching as many people as it once had.

Retired Chief Charlie Perez took the initiative of working with a web specialist to build a brand new Forum that offers all that Facebook does but without all the extraneous, unnecessary, and bothersome distractions. In essence, the new Forum will allow us to access a site that offers the opportunity to exchange ideas and converse on a wide variety of topics in a very quick and efficient manner. It is a much better platform for discussion and sharing opinions and ideas than Facebook. Charlie has taken every measure to ensure that the site is secure and that all the features work as they should. There are numerous advantages that the new Forum has over Facebook besides the elimination of Facebook distractions (advertising, columns with unimportant data, etc.) .

Navigation is extremely simple. No more scrolling and scrolling. On the new Forum, the list of topics appears on the General Discussion Page. Simply click on the topic of interest. Simple feature that notifies users of new posts and replies. Maintaining privacy is easier. Unlike Facebook, the Forum takes care of all privacy settings for you. The only people who can access this Forum are members. Private communications between members using a simple messaging format is available. Attachments are easy to add to a post or a reply.
There are other advantages as well but the best way to find out is to use it.

The site is up but I'm still working on some features. Unfortunately, every line of each web page has to be scrutinized in incompatibilities.